Will you be going back in the studio right after the massive awesome world tour your currently on?

Selected answer as best

IMy wife Evelyn and I had the privilege of meeting you fellas and enjoyed a great night of entertainment in Asheville .we wanted to reach out and personally thank each of you being how busy we understand you are ,you still went out f your way to get some pictures and provided us with autographs. Your a group of stand up gentlemen and all us fans are greatful and so lucky .I go back a long way to mass ave in Boston back in the beginning days of Berkeley and local clubs like the Channel and. A few others . It’s been a thrill to watch Dream Theatre grow and witness all your talent coming together and was happy for you to progress into the world wide success you deserve for all the hard work ,motivation and endurance to succeed .Better late then never,I want to formally say congratulations personally .To make a long story short my wife is a native of North Carolina and never had heard of you till meeting myself and also being a home grown country girl lol I guess with a big push from Dream Theatre and myself , she’s a rock and roll girl lol and another huge fan of you fellas .She wants to see the band every chance she can get as well as me myself . We hope the band continues on for many more years to come . We’re looking forward to another album and tour though we understand you’ve tearing it up for many years already we’ll be ready for you to comeback and tare the roof of again .Our best wishes are out for everyone for a safe completion of an incredible world tour the band an d kick ass crew are on to complete safely . Thanks again your a true inspiration and talent but most of all a bunch of great people sincerely yours David And Evelyn Forgeron God Bless and God Speed see you next time