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Welcome to “The Dream Theater World”

“The Dream Theater World” is the Official World Wide Dream Theater Fan Club, sanctioned by the band Dream Theater and their management. Established in 2016 to fill the gap left behind of the former regional fan clubs, the DT World seeks to create community among fans all over the globe. We will be able to provide you with interesting articles, reviews and interviews surrounding the world of Dream Theater – both current and past members, and also friends and family. In order to do this, we have been given a guarantee that the band will support our club by giving us the access necessary to provide you with interesting and unique experiences within the Dream Theater World.

This will primarily be a free fan club. The basic membership will always be free. The basic membership grants access to most of the content on this page – interviews, reviews and articles. However, we will also at a later stage introduce a premium membership that will help support the club. The content of this premium membership will be revealed when the time is right.

Becoming a Chapter

So, since we’re world wide, does this mean that the regional fan clubs are gone? No! In fact, far from it. What we will do is include local chapters. That means anyone can create a local chapter of DT World. Be it regional, by country or even by language.

To do this, I need your help. If you want to take on the responsibility to make a local chapter, here’s what is demanded of you:

  • •Local Chapter: You need to create a facebook group for your local chapter, and invite your local friends to it. Your responsibility to the club will be to create local buzz – if the band visits your local area, you will have the responsibility to create a local meet up before the show. In some cases, we might also be able to provide the opportunity for listening parties or viewing parties for pre-release stuff (albums and concert videos). Any economic responsibility for this meet up is the local chapters, but DT World will help you promote your event.
  • •Country Chapter: You need to create a facebook group for your country, and invite your countrymen to it. Your main responsibility will be to coordinate events within your country. Any/all local chapters will be directly under your “command”, as it were. In many cases, the Local chapter and the Country chapter will be one and the same.
  • •Language Chapter: You need to create a facebook group for your language, and invite fellow speakers of this language to it. Your main responsibility will be to translate and promote articles that the DT World distributes (either directly on facebook or here on our site as a subsite for your language). In many cases, the Country chapter and the Language chapter will be one and the same.

If you think you’re up for the challenge, start building your network, and once you have some traction, contact me. I’ll start looking into your group and will see if you fulfill all our requirements to be taken up as an official chapter of the fan club.

What will the DT World promise in return? The DT World is in direct contact with band and management, and we have been promised that special attention will be given to the fan club. This means we can assure you that we will try hard to make your local meet up before the concert a really memorable experience. We can give you advice as to how to do it (we have been doing it ourselves since 2000), and we can promise that the sense of community will be incredible.

What can we not promise? We cannot promise pre-release access to material. We cannot promise backstage or aftershow access. We cannot promise interviews or photo pass opportunities. Your motivation for running a local chapter should not be to meet Dream Theater or get special preferential treatment. The main motivation should be that you want to help create a community and to spread the word about the band in your area.

Thank you,

Kim Arthur Sakariassen
Founder of “The Dream Theater World” and main coordinator.


If you need to contact me for any reason: noxon@dtnorway.com

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