Dream Theater’s A View From The Top of the World Album Review

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  1. drp1j0r says:

    I do very much agree with Victoria. Being 72 y.o. and raised with groups like, Led Zep., Nazareth, and Rush (just to name a few), this is by far one of the greatest, progressive rock bands in a class all their own and worthy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! But I hope not too soon! All their music has been enjoyed and for this “senior citizen,” this group stimulates and I do enjoy the “View At The Top Of The World” before it is all archived of these ARTISTS at this magnificent, Picasso level. These men are our Guardians of melody and musicianship. Thank you, DT! Sincerely, Dennis R. Pijor, Dana Point, CA, U.S.A.

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