International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996


International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996



Dream Theater

  • Mike Portnoy – Drums
  • John Petrucci – Guitar
  • John Myung – Bass
  • Derek Sherinian – Keyboards
  • James LaBrie – Vocals


  • Barney Greenwayย  – Vocals on Damage, inc.


  1. Opening Message (4:19)
  2. Red Hill Mining Town (U2 cover) (5:44)
  3. Tears (Rush cover) (3:48)
  4. Damage, inc. (Metallica Cover) (4:35)
  5. Oh Holy Night (4:11)
  6. Closing Message (3:54)

Length: 27:24

About the album

This album was the first fan club exclusive release of Dream Theater, released in 1996. Neil Elliot who ran the international fan club oversaw the production. The cover was deliberately sparse, to make it look like a bootleg pressing.

The plan was to make 1500 copies (approximately the number of members in the club at that time), but an error in the process led to 1600 copies being produced, with 100 copies having to be paid out of pocket by Neil. Every single CD was hand numbered from 1 – 1600.

The CD contained three tracks recorded at the Ronnie Scott’s club in London on January 31st 1995. In addition to this, a Christmas song was recorded at Roseland on June 9th 1993, at sound-check. Finally the CD was book-ended by two hilarious Christmas messages from the band.

If you find this on e-bay, chances are that it’s counterfeit.

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