DTFCDVD002 – 2006


Dream Theater

  • Mike Portnoy – Drums
  • John Petrucci – Guitar
  • John Myung – Bass
  • Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
  • James LaBrie – Vocals


  • Marco Petrini and Simone Fabbri – DVD Project Supervision
  • Emiliano L. Maiello, Marco Petrini and Simone Fabbri – Camera
  • Kim Arthur Sakariassen – Cover Design & Layout
  • Sebastian Beloch – DVD Authoring


  1. The Root Of All Evil
  2. The Answer Lies Within
  3. These Walls
  4. I Walk Beside You
  5. Panic Attack
  6. Never Enough
  7. Sacrificed Sons
  8. Octavarium


About the album

For the annual gift of 2006, a companion piece to Score was decided upon. Now, we had already filmed a show in Rome for the 2005 fan club dvd. We only used two songs from that, so we had several more. Mike Portnoy decided we should use 8 songs from the second set of the Rome show, which is the entire album Ocatavarium played live. Although some of the songs do appear on Score, here they are represented raw and without the orchestra.

The CD was pressed in Italy, with 6000 copies. It is currently out of print. It has never been re-released.