Scenes From A World Tour


Scenes From A World Tour

DTIFC 005 – 2000


Dream Theater

  • Mike Portnoy – Drums
  • John Petrucci – Guitar
  • John Myung – Bass
  • Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
  • James LaBrie – Vocals


  • Jerry Carillo – Live Sound Engineer
  • Steffen Barabasch (The Mirror) – CD Production


Metropolis 2000 Tour Highlights (And Lowlights!)

  1. Heaven And Hell (2:24)
  2. Erotomania / Paradigm Shift / Universal Mind (7:33)
  3. What Did They Say? / Wipeout / Canadian Rap (6:46)
  4. War Pigs (4:15)
  5. Keyboard Solo (7:27)
  6. The Spirit Carries On (8:19)
  7. Guitar Solo / Gladiator Theme (10:24)
  8. The Zoo / Learning To Live / Whole Lotta Love (6:01)
  9. End Of Show (2:54)

Length: 56:04

About the album

This was the fifth and final XMAS CD released by the fan club. Due to complaints from members, and the stress and pressure of getting a CD completed in time for XMAS, the choice was to stop trying to make it a XMAS CD. From here on there would be an annual gift to the fan clubs instead.

First attempt to find a suitable XMAS CD was to make a CD similar to Once in a LIVEtime outtakes – release the rest of the show on CD that was not to appear on the DVD. However, since the record company had decided to release the full Live Scenes from New York on CD, this proved to be an impossible option. Next, Mike Portnoy offered to do a “Making of Scenes From A Memory” CD, but the reception for the Making of Falling Into Infinity fresh in mind, the fan clubs declined. Finally, the concept for Scenes From A World Tour was arrived at.

Dream Theater had just completed a very successful World Tour in support of their new album, “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory”. This is what the liner notes said:

Welly, welly, welly my little Xmas droogs!

Another year has come to an end –

Another long tour has come to an end –

And with this CD, so does a tradition which has been a real treat for the past 5 years… Yes, this wonderful CD you are now holding marks the last in a series of DTIFC Xmas CD’s.

🙁 -> But the good news is -> you are now a proud owner of what will be a real collectible! 🙂

AN ORIGINAL! And keep re-newing your fan club subscriptions because we will be offering other real cool exclusive FAN CLUB GOODIES in the years to come… 🙂 again!

Anyways – the music contained on this year’s Xmas CD, celebrated what was the most successful and enkoyable tour we’ve done to date.

Rather than give you a polished, complete live performance – we here at Santa, Inc. felt it would be more fun to present the stuff you likely will _NOT_ hear anywhere else…

The Good, The Bad + The (sometimes very) UGLY!!

All of it is RAW – some of it is quite BIZARRE – most of it is very SILLY – and none of it is to be taken too seriously!

The “REAL” Live DT will be coming soon in the form of M2000: Scenes From New York!

This is the content of the CD:

  • “Heaven And Hell” (Black Sabbath cover)
    • Recorded in Madrid, 18 April 2000.
  • “Medley” Erotomania “/” Paradigm Shift “/” Universal Mind “
    • Recorded in Cologne, November 14, 1999
  • “What Did They Say?”
    • A bunch of short clips recorded at different locations, from different songs. It’s basically the band having fun with their own songs, by altering the lyrics.
    • “a change of seasons” – “I do not need your mercy fuck, to get me through the day”. In fact, this “mercy fuck” appears in the original version of “a change of seasons.” But the group changed the word to “sympathy” in the version recorded in 95, for obvious reasons.
    • “Pull Me Under” – The chorus is turned into “Pull my finger, I gotta fart”.
    • “Home” – The “Help, he’s my brother, but I love her,” becomes “Help, he’s my brother, but I fucked her”, a less classy, but true, interpretation in the context of the story!
    • “Voices” – There is a nod to Bill Clinton, who sees his name replace the generic term “politician” in the passage “Is there fantasy in refuge in God politician” who becomes “Is there fantasy in refuge , God in Bill Clinton … “
    • “The Spirit Carries On” – JLB: “Because I believe That after-we’re gone – it’s a football game” MP: “Could it be, Could It Be?” JLB: “Holy Fuck So much for putting feeling into it!”
    • “The Mirror” – Mike replaces “Tempation” with “Carrrrilllo”, referring to Jerry Carillo, the sound engineer of the Metropolis 2000 tour, then “Will rrrrock youuuuu”.
    • “The Mirror” – Mike Portnoy replacing “Hypocrit” with “Ass and balls!”
    • “Fatal Tragedy” – Mike, James and John P. in the choruses, replaces “There Could Be No turning back” with : MP: “Eat my ass and balls! JLB: “Without love, without trust …” MP / JP: “You can eat my ass and balls!” JLB “You can eat my ass and, without faith, without hope …” MP / JP: “You can eat my ass and balls
    • “Wipe Out” – recorded in Glasgow in October 18, 2000 introduction of this little instrumental delirium, James says that the group has lost its mind. “Wipe Out” is a song from the 60s, by a band called The Surfaris. At the end, James says: “You probably did not know this was on Images and Words If you leave the album on for two minutes at the end of the album, the song appears as hidden.” This is obviously wrong!
    • “Canadian Rap” – also recorded in Glasgow, 18 October 2000. It is thought that during Sound Checks that James LaBrie has at times “rapped”. During the concert, Mike asks James to repeat this rap, and began playing a beat: “Yo! Yo!”. JLB: “Here I go / I’m coming downtown / wanna look around your town / I’m gonna buy the biggest fuckin thing / And Then I’m gonna Then deep down / I gonna go, back home, With That fuckin thing / Gonna give it to my / Wife / Ya know / What it is, I can not tell you / But I’ll be back next year, Then you’ll find out / Yo! ” and Mike chaining “Yeah boy, lemme hear say there HOOOoooooo / (public) ho ho / I say good to go yeah / (public) good to go yeah / I say suck on my ass balls & / (public) Suck it my ass & balls / Suck on my ass & balls / (public) Suck on my ass & balls / Eat my ass & balls / (public) Eat my ass and balls / Lick my ass & balls / (public) Lick my ass and balls / Go, go, go, go …. “before noting” I do not remember this song from Images and Words “.
  • “War Pigs” (Black Sabbath cover)
    • Recorded in Glasgow on October 18, 2000. John Petrucci’s rig had broken down, so the band was forced to come up with stuff to entertain the audience while the technicians fixed JP’s rig. Mike asks if anyone in the audience knows the song “War Pigs.” And that is how a Scottish fan ended up on stage to perform the title with DT! No doubt a great memory for him, and as James says in the end, his performance was not bad. Mike also seems impressed and says “This guy’s a fucking STAR”!
  • “Solo Keyboard”
    • Jordan keyboard solo recorded in Colombes, 4 October 2000. This solo largely similar to the one on the triple CD “Live Scenes From New York.”
  • “The Spirit Carries On”
    • Recorded in Los Angeles, February 4, 2000. This is the famous show where the fire marshal demands that the show be stopped due to a too crowded room. James LaBrie is being detained backstage, threatened with arrest.  Mike refuses to stop and sings “The Spirit Carries On” before the PA amps are turned off. The group, however, the song plays to the end and the solo of Petrucci, almost inaudible, nonetheless receives applause. The audience begins to show its displeasure by screaming “Bullshit”.
  • “Solo Guitar”
    • Recorded in Den Bosch, 14 October 2000. During his solo, John takes a passage from “Master Of Puppets” by Metallica.
  • “Gladiator Theme”
    • Recorded in Norwich, 20 October 2000. Also during one of his solos, and this time with Jordan, John takes a theme from the movie Gladiator, or at least something inspired by it.
  • “Medley” The Zoo (Scorpions cover) / “Learning To Live “/ “Whole Lotta Love” (Led Zeppelin cover)
    • Recorded in Trier, October 13, 2000 Germany.
  • “End Of The Show”
    • Recorded in Dallas March 10, 2000. Mike wished to pay tribute to the technical crew accompanying them on tour, by including these thanks. A nice gesture to finish off this CD.

The CD also has a bonus video 7:32, recorded by Mike Portnoy during soundcheck for the concert at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, 21 October 2000.

The CD was pressed in France, with 7800 copies. It is currently out of print. It has never been rereleased.