Stream of Consciousness


Stream Of Consciousness



  • Jeroen Design – Artwork
  • Jerry N. Uelsmann – Photos


Grand Prize Winner:

  • 1. Andy Rowland & Ant Law

Written and recorded by Ant Law and Andy Rowland Produced, mixed, and mastered by Andy Rowland.

2nd Place Winner:

  • 2. Daisuke Kurosawa

Runner Ups:

  • 3. Linear Sphere – Scent of Carbonite

Written by Charlie Griffiths and Steve Wallis

  • 4. Richard Campbell
  • 5. Brian Wherry
  • 6. Redemption

Music by Nicolas van Dyk

  • 7. Eric Clemenzi

About the album

This is not a Dream Theater album! This CD contains the top 7 finalists in Dream Theater’s Stream of Consciousness Songwriting Contest held in the fall of 2003. The band was so pleasantly surprised with the response, effort and quality of the work from all of the artists that they wanted to share some of their talents with Dream Theater fans from around the world.

The contest was to write a song based on the charts DT used in studio for the song Stream of Consciousness. Dream Theater recieved 54 compositions from world wide, and the seven picked for this CD were the best of the best.

Here are the rules of the songwriting contest:


OK kids, time to have a little fun!While in the studio one day, we were laughing at some of the names we give to some of the sections in our songs while we are writing…We then had a funny idea:
What would somebody who hasn’t heard the song make of these charts?
What if we let you, the crazy and demented DT fan, interpret one of our charts to try and guess what the song we’ve written actually sounds like before anybody has gotten to hear it?So, here’s a chance for all you musicians and bands to strut your stuff and see if you can write a DT song using one of our magic formulas!Here is our handwritten chart for one of the tracks on the upcoming DT album. In fact, this track is an instrumental (ooohhh I gave away a detail of the new CD!!!)Using a song without vocals will eliminate the IMPOSSIBLE task of you having to guess a song title, lyrics and melodies.
So…all you need to worry about is drums, guitar, keyboards and bass! (Oh, it should be easy now!!)


Some helpful hints of how to “interpret” one of our charts:1. The blue writing on the left is the “name” of the section (usually a comparison to a band that the part reminds us of….) but in some cases, it also states the KEY of the riff or section which will be a big help for you all in trying to figure out what the section sounds like….2. The red writing occasionally on the right is the time signature (in the case of this song, alot of 5/4, 6/4 and 4/4)Here are Jordan’s midi conductor charts which triggered the click track for this song….this will give you all of the metronome markings and tempos as well as the exact time signatures….


OK…here’s the Rules:
1. All entries must be on CD or CD-R (no cassettes or DATs) and will not be returned to the sender.
2. All entries are due by October 1st 2003
3. All CD’s must be sent to:
Dream Theater Songwriting Contest
c/o Ytsejam Records
PO Box 820587
Houston, Texas
77077 USA
The GRAND PRIZE winner will win:
1. a copy of the upcoming DT CD (upon its release) signed by all 5 members of DT.
2. a set of the 3 latest Ytsejam Records releases. (for more information, visit
3. 4 Tickets and Backstage Passes for the winner and their guests (or band) at a 2004 DT show of their choice on the upcoming World Tour. (dates coming soon…)
4. The winning entry will be played during the “house music” before each DT show in 2004.Good luck and we are looking foward to hearing what YOUR version of one of OUR songs sounds like!DT

This CD was released in a limited fashion to 6400 members of the fan clubs.