Welcome to the new The Dream Theater World – Official Fan Club.

This is an online fan club, with local regional chapters organizing meet ups and events, and with this website as the main hub. Here, you will find articles, interviews, question & answers, biography, discography and much more. We will be republishing old articles and interviews from throughout Dream Theaters history, and new exclusive content geared directly towards the fan club.

I’m launching this today well knowing that it is not yet finished. Over the coming weeks, I will strive to complete the discography and the biographies of the band and the members (past and current). I will also be going through my archives to publish old photos, interviews and articles.

Over time, there will be language specific sections where you can find the articles translated to many languages – currently planned is Italian and French, but I’m hoping to recruit many more.

Please read the About Us page to get an understanding of just exactly what our club is, and what we’re trying to do with it.


Kim Arthur Sakariassen

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