Rik Emmett – End of the Line (with James LaBrie and Alex Lifeson guest appearances)


Today (November 3) marks the days of the premier for the third and final instant grat of the Rik Emmett album. This track is “End Of The Line”, with both James LaBrie & Alex Lifeson. Our in house designer Thomas made a great video for it, which you can see here: https://youtu.be/8NJUS7737GM
This is what Rik had to say about the track:
Here’s the Monster Riff-Rock ‘epic’ album finale, with special guest vocalist James LaBrie of DT rippin’ it, as only he can:  and Alex Lifeson of Rush offering one heroic solo, chock full of Kingly Lerxst-isms.  Killer work from the boys in the band – Dave Dunlop, Steve Skingley, and Paul DeLong – with Paul’s thundering drum fills hammering everything into place at the end.  What a production – what a bee-yatch to mix – kudos to Matt DeMatteo & Dave & Steve-o.  For Those Who Love Guitar Solos – this one is headed straight for your wheelhouse.

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