• Hello Dream Theater, I waited, and waited for what seemed an eternity for me. I bought Ed tickets online for the show in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 2, 2019. And I was certainly NOT disappointed!!! Dream Theater delivered the most satisfying performance ever!!! I was not let down!! I was especially overjoyed when I learned that they would revisit the 20th anniversary of Metropolis: part2: scenes from a memory album!!! I have always wanted to hear “Home” live. Oh… my….gosh!!!! It was unbelievable! I was almost in tears. I have listened to that album so many times. It was absolutely fantastic!!! One day I wish that I could also hear Octavarium played live. That would be another dream come true. Mr.. Labrie’s vocals were also spot on all night long. Mr. Petrucci playing, Mr. Myung, Mr. Rudess, and Mr. Mangini performances were all without question at the best ever. I only wish that they had time to do an autograph signing. Please return to St. Louis in the future. I will most definitely be there. Respectfully yours, your number one fan in Troy, Mo.

Randy O. Norris.   P.S. oh yeah, I bought myself a Metropolis t-shirt!!! Thx again

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